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Women Education In India

From ages we have been emphasizing on the fact that education for women is important and all the girls of the country needs to be educated. Rules have been made but how far have we succeeding in matching the ratio of educated men to that of educated women. The government has taken steps towards the improvement of women education in the country, but it totally depends on the citizens to implement the same. In fact India has many colleges for women, which are dedicated to provide education only to women. Other schools and colleges also have reserved seats for the girls, which in a way is also a motivating step towards the accomplishment of the mission of women education in India.

The number of girl students enrolling themselves for graduation as well post graduation colleges in India, are mainly contributed by the urban part of the country. The developed and the metropolitan cities of the country are basically responsible for adding on to the number of educated girls in the country. This is because of the fact that the people belonging to urban areas are very well aware of the advantages of being educated. The urban population is in fact seen motivating their girl child for taking admission in the schools and colleges in India.

Though, girls have already proved their power by reaching on the top of every field, but still there are many people who consider women as the person with the lowest potential. One can see women topping the charts of every field, even the president of India, is also women herself. Looking at the present scenario of women education in India, one can say that lot much needs to be done in this respect. The girls are required to be motivated to enroll themselves for school and college education in India. There are many girls colleges in India, which has always been involved in the task of promoting girl education in the country. Some of the women colleges in India are:

Engineering College for Women, Delhi

Arts and Science College for Women, Hyderabad

Sri Kanniga Parameswari Arts and Science Colelge for Women

Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi

Mata Sundari College for Women, Delhi

MIT Women Engineering College, Maharashtra

Kasturba Gnadhi Degree and PG College for Women, Secunderabad

Govt. Degree College for Women, (present in almost all states)

Lady Sri Ram College for Women, New Delhi

Mehr Chand Mahajan D.A.V College for women, Chandigarh

NKT National College of Education for Women, Chennai

The education for girls is provided in every field of education. There is no field, where girls are lacking. The women of India, has achieved degrees in all the fields, whether its teaching or engineering, medicine or being a pilot. The women power of India has proved its existence in almost all the arenas of the work industry. But the rural India and women from this part of the country needs to realize their value and how much valuable is their existence for the smooth functioning of the society. With the passing of women education bill in India, the hopes for an increase in the number of educated women in the country have grown to a large extent. The government of India is doing its bit, by passing bills in the favour of women education and opening government schools and colleges in India for women. But, the citizens of the country also need to realize their responsibilities and should send their girl child to schools and colleges for obtaining education. Also the urban and educated citizens are also required to motivate and inspire the rural men, to make their girls educated and attain them degrees in the subjects of their interests.