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Importance Of Teacher Education

Teacher plays a very pivotal role in shaping up the children personality and behavior, which ultimately form the future of the society .Parents are always concerned to provide their children with best education.Good schooling means a good teaching that is we mean to say an efficient teacher.Students are taught all the basic manners and behavior which helps them to carry on the life in the best possible manner.Teacher education helps in preparing good, efficient and well trained teaching faculty. Any good school is comprised learned teachers which in turn benefits the school and students.

Features of the concept of Teacher education

  • To provide and update teachers with the best and enhanced teaching techniques
  • To match up with the latest trend and methods
  • Practical implication of the teaching methods
  • Various organization have come to impart the essential training to teachers
  • Teachers from various schools get a common platform to exchange their thoughts
  • New policies to enhance and utilize the potential of the teachers
  • Giving a professional touch which can match up with the corporate level
  • Globalization of teaching methods
  • New perspective in jobs in the teaching field Re – defining the teaching profession
    As mentioned above teacher education has come a long way with absolutely new and professional methods of teaching. There is a complete procedure of educating and training the teacher which involves various steps like that of
  • Explaining the basics of new teaching methods
  • Development of teaching skills
  • Specific training of content area
  • Practical implementation through field experience that is taking up classes
  • Analyzing the development of teachers on regular basis
  • Quality of the teaching methods is re -assured
  • Regular feedbacks are taken regarding practical applicability of the new teaching methods Teacher education is a complete and well planned teaching module to make the teachers match the teaching level around the world. This particular teaching method has resulted in enhancing the level of education as a whole. Teachers have also responded well in adapting this new version in the field of teaching. The demo classes provided to them has rendered quite good help in understanding and executing it in practicality. The new definition given to teaching profession has changed the outlook of people regarding teachers. Nowadays it has become the most sought out profession. The impact of the latest methods and techniques can be clearly understood by seeing an overall change in the levels and ways of teaching. Without the proper implication it would not have been possible to serve the purpose of good and enhanced teaching methods. The practical aspect of this module is taken care of as all the concerned teachers are provided with active learning techniques. With extension to this they are also provided with internship to actually understand the education policy.