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Connecting To University Delegates For Overseas Education

High demand for excellent colleges, less seats and intense competition lead to students opting for studying in top-notch colleges abroad. It is seen over the years that bright students too aim for renowned universities abroad as they are well aware of the fact that overseas education can give them an edge over others when applying for jobs in any part of the globe.

There is a lot of research involved in studying abroad as it is a matter of your career and life. There are many education portals like connectuniversities etc that give complete information about the best colleges abroad. If doing research on your own is tedious and confusing, then it is best to take help from the associated counsellors working for these education portals or some renowned global education consultancy. The experts can even check your aptitude and tell you more about a course suitable for you.

Informed and thought-over decisions are the best way to proceed further in case of overseas education. It is essential to ascertain first that the college has the course you are looking for. Only after knowing that it will be lucrative in the long run, one should go forward and apply.
The exposure that one gets while staying in a foreign land is something that will aid in understanding yourself and others better. Once you step in to the job market, this will help to interact better with your clients/manager considering the enviable communication skills you will acquire while studying abroad.
Global education fairs are a good platform to meet delegates of various universities around the world and get specific answers directly from them about any question that may be bothering a student regarding overseas education, some university or a course. The Global Education Interact (GEI), a much-awaited education fair which opens the gates of opportunities for students who wish to study abroad, will be hosted by ‘The Chopras’ this year too.

GEI has been a blessing in disguise for a large number of students across different cities in India in deciding about their further education, overseas education journey, which university to choose, best degree program and numerous related avenues. The main aim of the delegates is to meet students who are interested in taking admission in the current or up-coming batches. There will be personal interactions with each student to discuss more about various countries’ processes, visas, scholarships, et al.
Delegates from renowned universities of US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc along with expert counselors of ‘The Chopras’ will be there to help every student. The schedule of this event is as following:

Coimbatore – 28th Jan, 2014
Hyderabad – 30th Jan, 2014
Bangalore – 1st Feb, 2014
Chennai – 2nd Feb, 2014
Pune – 5th Feb, 2014
Mumbai – 7th Feb, 2014
Delhi – 9th Feb, 2014
Jaipur – 11th Feb, 2014
Chandigarh – 13th Feb, 2014
Lucknow – 15th Feb, 2014
Nepal – 24th Feb, 2014