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Research Report On Education

Since 2007-08, The elementary education budget of country has more than doubled, from Rs 68,853 crore to Rs 147,059 crore this fiscal, but the students of III-standard who could read a textbook of standard-I has decreased in number from just under 50 per cent five years ago, to some 30 per cent in 2012″- reports the Business Standard.

There is a huge gap of time between the spending and the development achieved. Even after growing at annual growth rate of 16.5% during FY 05-12, a loophole is formed with these various facets of Indian education market that is required to be bridged upon. Learnmile Solutions focuses on empowering a positive shift in the education domain completely. The need for research in education sector and all its related segments is unparallel because this gap needs to be looked upon. All firms are backed by detailed research before it publishes a research report. There is great need of improvement in the children”s literature of India because this issue is very sensitive for our country and Learnmile has recently conducted all primary and secondary research in the field of literature.

As the technology is increasing very fast and is gradually taking over the scholastic domain in schools besides the normal blackboard route, there is a great requirement of assessing the impact of such techniques. To help discover the impact of using ICT in schools on the learners” behavioral pattern and achievement, the need for pre-and post-impact study can”t be ignored. To know the pro”s and con”s of any business, Research reports helps us very much and worked upon for a research firm”s own repository.

Similarly, reports assessing the behavior of children in education- specific as well as co-scholastic domain can contribute towards greater child development. As Manisha Chaudhry, Head of Content Development at Pratham Books says “”96% of the children in the age band of 3-16 years are now enrolled in schools…”, the scope for better enrichment of children”s behavior in the society is definitely possible. More research reports on different aspects of child development can be brought out with the aid of proper research, and these can be the backbone for the common man to understand child behavior.

All the stakeholders like teachers, principals and parents can get a better option for their child with the help of research reports around education because with these reports they have a basket of options and can choose the best. When there are conscious guardians who take research reports as their helping hand than decisions on issues like- the choice of subjects, the school a child can go to, co-curricular activities that he can be a part of, can be weighed properly. Learnmile brings out an e-periodical every month titled “Educast” in which issues related to education and child development are regularly addressed by a panel of experts. This magazine is subscribed to, free of cost by 11,000 principals, teachers and parents across the country today.