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Online Education Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education

The Secondary Education Program is committed to preparing teachers who are able to meet the challenges of today’s classrooms. The teacher education faculty provides an educational program that enables students to: develop a strong foundation of knowledge about teaching and learning; display a love of learning; value democracy and pluralism; and engage in reflective practice about one’s growth as a teacher. To accomplish this, the program offers students: A strong liberal arts education with emphasis in the particular academic discipline in which the student will be teaching; background in the foundations of secondary education; methods for instruction in the academic disciplines; background in educational psychology and human development; methods for educating culturally diverse and special needs populations; methods for effective use of technology in instructional settings; and experience teaching in public schools.

The secondary education program at Judson College offers students the possibility of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language Arts, Social Studies and Music Education. The Bachelor of Science degrees are available in Mathematics Education and General Science Education. These programs are considered academic majors in our curriculum and fulfill current state and federal requirements for teacher certification in public secondary schools. Students receive a strong content background, as well as background in educational theory and practice. Our students have had teaching placements all over the country and the world including New York, California, New Zealand, and France. Our program not only prepares students for secondary education careers but also for graduate programs as well.

Education Specializations: Students may pursue optional Education specializations which provide in-depth study in the teaching of a specific subject or population. Specializations are designed to enhance a student’ professional qualifications, but do not lead to additional teacher licenses.

Early Care and Education Early Intervention Mathematics Education Multicultural Education Reading Science Special Education Teaching English Language Learners Technology and Teaching Individually Designed Specializations

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is a four year (full-time or part-time equivalent) combined degree in secondary education. The course provides a strong foundation of knowledge in teaching subjects for the secondary school curriculum and in the professional practice of teaching. The course is flexible, enabling students to complete a number of first and second teaching subjects to expand their employment opportunities in high demand areas. The core education units can be studied either on-campus or by distance education. Distance education requires students to attend two two-day workshops on campus.