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K-12 Education In India

K-12 education refers to the primary and secondary education that a student obtains during his schooling. K-12 education is an abbreviated term used for education from kindergarten to twelfth. The term K-12 education per se is relatively new to India and is generally more commonly used in western countries like United States of America, Canada etc and in parts of Australia. With technology transcending borders, the term K-12 education is fast gaining popularity in other parts of the world as well, with minor/ no modifications. In some countries the term has been replaced with PK-12 or P-12 that means prekindergarten to twelfth or preschool to twelfth. Whatever nomenclature any country adopts, the concept of K-12 education primarily revolves around the education imparted in the school.

K-12 education scenario in India

The constitution of India guarantees a free and compulsory education to all till the age of 14 years. Imparting quality K-12 education to the largest possible student population across the country has always been a top of mind issue for the government. A step forward in this direction has been the amendment of the Right to Education act that make this right stricter than before. Under the Right to Education act, 2009 private schools shall admit at least 25% students from poor families and no seats under this quota shall be left vacant. Through this amendment, government has attempted to ensure that the ideal of free and compulsory education is achieved in the true sense.

Online content provider for K-12 students

Students studying in schools can enrich their studies with the help of curriculum aligned videos and animations made available on he internet by a lot of websites. These videos and animations not only add the much required zing to the monotonous study regime followed by students, but also help them learn beyond what is taught in the books. These videos and animations are supported with quality study material and a variety of tests that help make learning thorough and effective.

The study material available at such websites is in easy-to -read language that makes understanding of concepts easy and quick. After going through the study material, students can also try their hands at curriculum-based interactive puzzles. These interactive puzzles not only raise the involvement of students in their learning process but also help assess their understanding of concepts in the chapter/subject. After going through the chapter, students can check their knowledge levels by practicing from chapter-wise and full-course model tests. This will help students get a clear picture of their weak and strong areas and will allow them to channelize their efforts in topics that require more attention. Once through with preparing for exams, students can also refer to end-of-chapter revision notes for those quick revision sessions before exams.


Studying in the right manner and using the correct tools to prepare for exams determines the extent to which students can achieve success during the K-12 years. It is also advisable for students to have a concrete understanding of core concepts so as to be sure of a high scoring academic ride.

Merits And Demerits Of Distance Education

Merits of Distance Education

The biggest advantage of getting enrolled in distance education course is that you get flexible studying hours. You need not to learn in four walled classrooms at strict schedules. You can choose your study timings as per your convenience and can do it with your work too. Another advantage is that you can choose any university from where you want to do your course. Almost all the universities of the world offer online courses and it is very easy to get admission in them. Also these programs are cheaper than regular classroom programs.

Demerits of Distance Education

The only disadvantage of taking online course is that you have to study on your own and you are responsible for completing your course. You will not be under continuous supervision and you have to regulate your working hours to study.

Centers of Distance Education

There are various educational establishments world wide which offer distance education courses to international students. These colleges design comprehensive and interactive curriculum for distance education students and take regular assessment tests. New York University, Utah State University , North Carolina State University etc are some of the institutes which have quality distance education programs. Many professionals and students tae online courses fro these institutes to take increase their qualifications and get higher jobs in their fields.

Utah state university is situated in Logan , Utah and was established in 1888. It offers various courses at graduate and post graduate level. It is composed of seven colleges which deal in numerous domains of career options. It provides financial aid to students in need and it also releases scholarship to meritorious students. It has luxurious hostels which provides all type of entertainment facilities for its students for their all round development.

Factors Influencing Adult Education

Alliss Educational foundation Grant This grant is offered to adult learners by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. A person who is out of college for at least 7 years can avail this grant. Priority is given to those individuals from low-income groups. Span Plan Adults who wish to pursue career-oriented programs can benefit from this grant. Self-esteem can be lowered if performance in the class is not as expected, frustration can occur if there is lack of convenience, and boredom is evident if the class does not seem practical. So be sure to thoroughly review all of the information you can about a class you may be interested in enrolling and be certain you feel you will get what you need out of it. Many adults are hesitant to go back to school. Some may think that their age does not fit for a college student.

high school counseling: help students choose college degrees (view).

There are many scholarships and grants out there for adults to benefit from. Such college grants for adults returning to college are given after taking into account the financial need of recipients. The process can either be completed online or by submitting a hard copy. So write out the purpose and objectives for your website before you do anything else.

By its nature, distance education relies heavily on the individual students’ ability to manage and control their personal and situational circumstances to be successful. In fact, excellent time management skills are mandatory in online courses as most of the students have a full time job. The structure of a traditional class is not present in an online class and sometimes distance learning students fall behind in their work because there is no requirement to ‘attend class’. In distance education, the learners (especially those using online and web programs) are usually isolated despite a wide network of friends and peers through Internet interaction.

Gives them Wings: The importance of education manifests itself in the need to cultivate youths to become mature individuals. Youth is the growing stage of their lives. It is during these years that they develop from kids to become mature and responsible individuals. It is during this phase that they make career decisions and begin pursuing their goals.

Public School Teacher Public school teachers do more than give a lesson in front of a classroom. Between the Civil War and World War I a great number of organizations devoted to adult education were established throughout the United States. The American penchant for “joining”, which Alexis de Tocqueville had observed in the 1830’s, reached its peak in this period, and most of the institutions providing educational opportunities for adults trace their origins to this era. One of the notable of these was the Chautauqua Institution. According to Cordell, online learning provides; greater cognitive development, critical thinking skills to challenge assumptions, exploration to further professional practice, empowerment of professionals to heighten personal responsibilities towards creating social change, and discovery of new knowledge. The ability to meet people, to forge professional networks and personal friendships around the world is one advantage that simply cannot be found in a traditional class. When I was reviewing different online degree options at the start of my college educational career, I explored several degree programs in the field of business, education and criminal justice. You can use urns and glassware that has odd shapes and colors.

Home School Versus Formal Education

The debate among many people is whether homeschooling kids is better than formal education. The former would be fruitful if home school is done the right way. Children adopt a customized curriculum provided by their parents whereas in a private school, they are forced to learn whatever is taught by the teachers. Each child is unique and the style of learning differs from one child to another. Some children are good at grasping information from textbooks and a theory based method would be useful for them but some of them prefer practical method of teaching where it’s easy for them to remember and this kind of an approach is also more interesting to them.

Parents who home school their kids should provide a more pleasing and healthy learning environment for their kids. Apart from academics, children learn to bond with their family, which is an advantage in home school. Good habits can be instilled in them. Apart from concentrating on academics, children have ample time to develop their talents. Everyone learns from each and every task that we do, whether it is routine or a onetime task. Children can go for music classes, swimming, skating etc. They can do well in their academics as well as extracurricular activities whereas there is a time constraint in private schools. Some schools demand children to be more focused on academics than extracurricular activities, as they need more grades.

More often when parents weigh the options of home school and formal education, one major issue is that kids don’t get an opportunity to socialize if parents home school them. At school, children can play together and participate in competitions. It’s easy for them to socialize but peer influence can change the attitude of your kids easily and it’s difficult for parents to know if their kids are being influenced in the right or the wrong way. Children can always interact and get along with other kids who are being homeschooled by their parents. They tend to become more co operative and disciplined. Kids who are homeschooled will get more attention and discussing about their academics and extracurricular activities becomes easy, as children feel more comfortable in such an environment.

Sending your child to a private school is expensive. Course fee, educational trips, projects, cost of resources, transportation are expensive whereas when parents home school they know what exactly their children need and based on that they can buy the required materials. When your kids join the other homeschooled ones, educational trips will be less expensive and sometimes you need pay even a penny. Some people believe that children who are being home schooled will have difficulty in getting college admissions which will lead to less number of career opportunities but that’s not true as most colleges prefer homeschooled children as they are more disciplined and self motivated to learn new things. In home school, every parent struggles to get their children in the right track in the beginning but ultimately they learn how to home school their kids.

Is Higher Education Worth the Cost

With college tuition costs rapidly increasing, more and more students are questioning whether it is worth it to pursue higher education. As it turns out, a college education is still a wise investment. Heres why.

Increased Earning Potential

Its estimated that for every dollar a person invests in higher education, they will enjoy over $30 in increased lifetime income! Thats a return on investment that anyone on Wall Street would envy.

Similarly, people with a bachelors degree earn an average of $1.6 more over their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma, according to the Postsecondary Education Opportunity Research Letter. Meanwhile, the average incomes of those with a high school education are sinking. Given this atmosphere, you cant afford not to go to college.

Improved Job Prospects and Benefits

College graduates arent just more prosperous they have a wider array of careers to choose from.

The number of jobs that require a college degree is increasing. Some jobs require a specialized college degree; other employers simply value college graduates because they have the skills and knowledge base that high school graduates lack.

In addition, the process of attending college frequently makes students aware of subjects and fields they wouldnt have otherwise considered opening doors for lucrative, rewarding careers.

Having a college degree is an advantage, regardless of your major and the industry you wish to enter. And in some cases, if you desire a job that doesnt actually require a college degree, your education is likely to net you better pay and benefits than a person with less education.

Lastly, careers restricted to college graduates are more prestigious, pay better, and offer great benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits. These benefits are necessary to achieve financial security and stability, especially if you have a family.

Better Quality of Life

Numerous studies have shown that college graduates enjoy better health and quality of life, and they pass these advantages onto their children.

Compared to people with just a high school education, college graduates have longer life spans, better diet and health, better access to healthcare, greater economic stability and security, more prestigious employment, better job satisfaction, more self-confidence, more savings, and more hobbies and leisure activities. College also tends to make people more rational, open-minded, consistent, and cultured.

In addition, the children of college graduates are healthier, perform better in school, and are more likely to attend college, compared to the children of high school graduates.

Lastly, we cant overlook that college can and should be fun! Attending college presents amazing opportunities to meet new people, develop new skills, and explore your areas of interest.

College is also a great setting in which to grow personally, culturally, and intellectually. College students often have the opportunity to study abroad or to participate in other exciting learning experiences. In addition, the college environment invites students to explore academic disciplines, join student organizations, connect with professors, share ideas in a safe setting, and grapple with difficult problems. All of these activities prepare students to be productive citizens in todays world.


Are you wondering how youre going to afford college? Maybe you should be wondering if you can afford not to go, given all the advantages of a college education.

With grants, scholarships, and financial aid available, college is accessible to nearly anyone. And with todays distance learning programs, such as the University of Phoenixs respected online degree program, you can earn your degree while working full-time.